Saturday, 12 June 2010


17/6/10, 7-10pm, BOX, Unit 3, The Factory, Dakeyne St, Notts (Upstairs at Backlit Studios)

A one night only exhibition about heat, featuring new work by Simon Raven.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


The May 12th BOX show, CASH, was a show in which I didn't invite anyone to exhibit their bank statements, alongside the 'artist statements' which are a requirement on CV's now. Nor did I make a film titled 'No Receipt No Surrender', in which a man in a red headband demands a receipt over and over again, whilst very slowly retreating from camera. Instead I went to some shows which were funded, and which offered free booze and food, and drank and ate as much as I could, and told people who asked what the next BOX show was what I have written here. BOX will continue with tangible exhibitions in June.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

DELIGHT 29/4/10, 7-10pm

A closing party/performance as part of LIGHT, the current BOX show, featuring new work by Yelena Popova & Simon Raven.

Because LIGHT opened on a busy night, and because the next BOX do is going to be on May 6th, Yelena & I would like to invite you to a re-match, in which we will make a series of performances on a boxing theme, and give anyone who didn't have a chance to see our show a second opportunity. We'll also be selling a limited edition book (£5) made specially to accompany the work.

Bring a bottle.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

'Home with a Guardian'

'Home with a Guardian', by Mickey Offal, is the first BOX produced artist's book, made in collaboration with Yelena Popova. Ten pages cover to cover, featuring eight original drawings and an introductory text by Mickey himself. Here's a quote:

I actually made these drawings while at work. I work on the phone as a telemarketer, at- tempting to get people to go join a gym. This work can be very annoying, but I have discovered that drawing while on the phone can really help to keep me calm. Interestingly enough I believe I have done some of my most successful drawings at work. The ones here were done in a note book given to me for use in my job. They are different types of home with a guard- ian. I don’t like to write too much about the visual art I create, because, as much as possible, I like to try and keep it just that: visual. As well as draw, i paint, sculpt and write.

I hope to publish 'Home with a Guardian' (Artist's BOKS No1) in colour on decent paper, but for now check out the above pic for an idea.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Thursday 15th April 2010, 7-10pm
BOX, Unit 3, The Factory, Dakeyne St, Nottingham.

An exhibition of new work about boxing, collaboration & light, by Nottingham based artists Yelena Popova & Simon Raven.

Shadow boxing, training, weighing in & working out will be melded with studio practice and artistic production, in a new series of performances, paintings, sculptures and video works.

Light refreshments will be served.

BOOM pics (Candice Jacobs)

BROWNIE pics (Shiri Lee Webb)

Monday, 15 February 2010


An exhibition about sound, field recordings, and works by artists who incorporate noise, music, or related imagery in their creative practice. BOX was transformed into an ad hoc recording studio, the walls lined with egg cartons and a sound system installed. Audience members were invited to remix playback of exhibited artists sound works, and to bring instruments/recordings to add.

Candice Jacobs Lucienne Cole Simon Raven Julian Hughes Simon Withers Steve Friendship

Monday, 18 January 2010


7pm - 10pm, Friday 12th February, 2010

Sian Robinson Davies Alia Pathan Simon Withers Niki Russell Jennie Webber Simon Raven Hanna Batchelor Tom Godfrey Sarah Jane Terry Julian Hughes Abbey Rees-Hales Lili Spain Sarah Grainger-Jones Wayne Burrows Geoff Diego Litherland Thomas Darby Shiri Lee Webb Tracey McMaster Thomas Darby Sophie-Olivia Undertown-Lester Ottis Sturmey Naomi Terry Yelena Popova

BROWNIE is a group show of found photography and related artwork, collated in response to an open call for submissions.

BOX will be transformed into a homely environment, with painted walls and a rug. A film, 'Necrology' by Standish Lawder will be projected.

Boozy Hot Chocolate & Brownies will be served.