Monday, 18 January 2010


7pm - 10pm, Friday 12th February, 2010

Sian Robinson Davies Alia Pathan Simon Withers Niki Russell Jennie Webber Simon Raven Hanna Batchelor Tom Godfrey Sarah Jane Terry Julian Hughes Abbey Rees-Hales Lili Spain Sarah Grainger-Jones Wayne Burrows Geoff Diego Litherland Thomas Darby Shiri Lee Webb Tracey McMaster Thomas Darby Sophie-Olivia Undertown-Lester Ottis Sturmey Naomi Terry Yelena Popova

BROWNIE is a group show of found photography and related artwork, collated in response to an open call for submissions.

BOX will be transformed into a homely environment, with painted walls and a rug. A film, 'Necrology' by Standish Lawder will be projected.

Boozy Hot Chocolate & Brownies will be served.